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Everybody thinks the Republicans are unprincipled. I disagree. I think the Republicans have all the principal. The rest of us have all the debt.
Franklin's remark #9

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Long-term Iowa City resident and University of Iowa graduate, Franklin Seiberling worked actively for the George McGovern presidential campaign in the early 70s, and since has been active in progressive causes. He worked his way up to the position of Computer Programmer Analyst in the early 80s at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, where he continued to work until retirement in 2002, after making somewhat of a name for himself in the workplace as the office poet and the writer useful subroutines and functions. Programs that Franklin wrote for the hospital IBM mainframe posted patient charges to the patient accounting database for some 20 years, to then be displaced by programming from an outside vender.

Franklin's father, Frank A. Seiberling Jr.—head of the University of Iowa Department of Art and Art History during the 60s and 70s—was son of F. A. Seiberling, who, along with F. A.'s brother, C. W. Seiberling, founded Goodyear Rubber Company.

Franklin's mother, Nancy Seiberling, gardener, environmentalist, activist, left a legacy of land conservancy and community beautification in the Iowa City area.

In 1997 Franklin receives an
award for 20 years
of continuous service at the UIHC from then Hospital Director,
R. Edward Howell


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