The Freeks Club

Science League group picture
University School Science League—c.1957
Left to right, bottom row: Chris Seiberling, Mark Sommer, Bill Mosier, Donald Prebus—Leaning forward: Franklin Seiberling, below, and David Radigue above—Left to right, top row: Geoff Cummings, Leonard Shartle (mostly obscured) Doug Bradley, Chris Wickens, Jack Garrett (mostly obscured), Clovis Landry, Rich Wilders, Mark Reynard

Science League group leaders
Jack Garrett with instructor, Dr. Sleznick and student teacher, Mr. Stevenson

Clovis Landry - 1
Clovis Landry

Clovis Landry - 2
Clovis Landry

Geoff Cummings

Mark Sommers

Taking pictures
Struggling to get that perfect shot
Chris Wickens, Franklin Seiberling, Clovis Landry

Wick and Chris Wickens, Chris Seiberling
Wick, Chris Wickens and Chris Seiberling

Donald with unfermented grape juice
Donald Prebus savoring some unfermented fruit of the vine

Lake Erie trip - 3
Lake Erie harbor

Wick and Chris Wickens  Donald and Chris
Wick and Chris Wickens—Donald Prebus and Chris Seiberling


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